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  • How can BIM design and construction be real-time connected?

    iTWO 3D is an enhanced version of Autodesk Revit with featured add-ons to enable real-time BIM model management. It offers full Revit functions and more than 30 add-on functions to fully integrate BIM design and construction in real time.

    It improves the real-time integration of 3D construction modeling and schedule (4D) and project cost-related information (5D) in both virtual and physical construction processes on iTWO platform and makes model processing faster, easier and smarter.

Key Features in iTWO 3D

  • iTWO Data Synchronization

    Synchronize BIM model between Revit and iTWO, highly improving efficiency by eliminating the model exporting and importing process.

  • iTWO Integration

    Integrate iTWO Cloud Data to Revit model to make 5D BIM modeling easier and faster.


  • Model Navigation

    Navigate BIM model through a series of commonly used standard views.

  • Model Editing

    Batch editing BIM models in one click with smart templates.


  • Model Check

    Check model quality automatically and enforce enterprise standards to ensure the downstream cost and schedule services quality.

  • Web Update

    Get the latest iTWO 3D features and enhancements timely in only 2 clicks.

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